Doctrine of the Word of God
The Word of God is set apart as holy, perfect, and infallible in its original manuscripts.

Doctrine of God

There is only one God and He is eternally existing, showing himself through three distinct persons known as the Trinity.
> God the Father
The first person of the Trinity resides in Heaven. Those that are called by Him are His adopted children and receive special privileges and responsibilities by Him.
  > God the Son
The second person of the Trinity, Jesus.
  > God the Holy Spirit
The third person of the Trinity unites believers to Jesus Christ in faith, brings about the new birth and dwells within the regenerate.

Doctrine of Creation

The triune God created the heavens and the earth and all things in the earth in six literal days from nothing and continues to hold all things together in creation.

Doctrine of God’s Sovereignty

The sovereignty of God is the free exercise of His supreme authority in executing and administrating His eternal purposes.

Doctrine of Sin

Through the temptation of Satan, humanity sinned against God and fell from their original state of holiness, inheriting a corrupt nature that is opposed to God.

Doctrine of Humanity

Set apart as His image bearers, every human being is sacred and possess worth.

Doctrine of Salvation

Salvation is only accomplished by grace through faith in Jesus Christ through His redemptive work on the cross.

Doctrine of the Gifts 

The gifts of the Holy Spirit that we see on display in the New Testament are still active within the life of the church.

Doctrine of the Church

The Church is made up of genuine born again believers that have devoted themselves to the gospel of Christ and sent to the world to make disciples and proclaim the glory of God

Doctrine of Christ’s Return

Jesus is coming back to the earth the same way He left in Matthew 28 this time, though, to judge those outside of Christ and to gather the living and the dead in Christ.